Zacapa Flight + EP Carrillo Cigars

Rum Forrest Rum!

It’s time again for the classic Zacapa Rum flight. The flight will feature the 3 favorite blends:

Zacapa 23
Zacapa XO
Zacapa Negra

To start off the flight you will have the original Zacapa 23 year that contains hints of butterscotch and fruit. The XO blend has been extra-aged in french oak barrels that previously contained cognac, which gives it a balanced taste of sweetness, spice, and fruit. To finish off your flight you will try the Zacapa Negra. This blend has also been extra-aged, but this blend was held in casks that previously contained whiskey. This smoky rum is a great tasting rum and a great finish to your flight.

To go along with this flight we have paired it with the EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador. This cigar is a medium-full bodied cigar contains complex flavors ranging from coca to earthy notes. You will be able to pick up the pairing for just $17.99.

This great cigar and flight make a perfect pair that you need to experience for yourself! We’ll see you there on September 17th in Scottsdale.

7443 E. 6th Ave

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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