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The Magic of Solera

Fox Cigar Bar will be continuing our education series of events with the “Magic of Solera” learning event TONIGHT (Tuesday, April 18th) at our Scottsdale location!

This special event will be hosted by two visiting industry experts who will go over the Solera process as it applies to the tobacco and whisky industries so that you may see the similarities, differences and results.

The evening will begin with Joel Schwartz, a tobacconist from Aging Room cigars, as he goes over the differences of the 4 different Solera cigars that you will receive as part of the seminar. During this interactive portion of the event Joel will assist you in picking the right cigar to experience during the Glenfiddich deconstruction / reconstruction.

Jennifer Wren, the Brand Ambassador at Glenfiddich, will begin the “The Art of Maturation” portion of the seminar where you will have the opportunity to play Malt Master for a day.

You will deconstruct the Glenfiddich 15 to understand its different components before reconstructing it to master the magic of the Solera Process.

After seeing the final product, and moving backwards in the process, it will be your turn to create your own dram of Glenfiddich Solera 15 using a portable alchemist’s kit.

Glenfiddich will be providing the raw “juice” (straight from the distillery) and essential oils to create a unique version, your version, of the Solera 15 using the different components.

This very unique experience is limited to just 30 seats and the cost is only $29.99.

Price Includes:

  • 4 Solera Cigars
  • A Glenfiddich Glass
  • Glenfiddich Solera 15 Drink
  • A Dram of Your Creation

(480) 214-5011
7443 E. 6th Ave
Scottsdale 85251

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