S.T. Dupont Minijet Yellow Skull

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Expertise joins with Parisian flair to form a contemporary collection of neatly designed lighters. This striking miniJet in black lacquer with a yellow skull detail features a modern and powerful windproof torch flame for reliability in all conditions.

These lighters are packaged in a very elegant black box and are shipped empty without butane.

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  • Single Torch Wind-Resistant Flame Lighter
  • Flame is Uniform when Lit in All Directions, Locks when Turned Upside Down
  • Single Action Sidebar Ignition; S.T. Dupont logo Stamped on Yellow¬†Finished Sidebar
  • Ultra Lightweight Compared to Traditional Lighters
  • Approx. Dimensions: 2.15 in (Length) x 1.25 in (Width) x 0.45 in (Thickness)
  • Fuel Level Window Located on the Side; Butane Vents on the Front and Back; Butane Adjustment Valve Located On the Bottom of Lighter
  • Small size makes it suitable for everyday use. Fits into a cigarette packet or jeans pocket.
  • The lighter is made from brass coated with coloured epoxy lacquer making it hard-wearing and durable.
  • Comes Packaged in a Clear, Plastic Box with White S.T. Dupont Logo
  • Lighter Care Instructions and Refilling Manual Included
  • Comes with S.T. Dupont 2 Year Warranty Card