Room101 Cigar + Gin Pre-Release Party

This Friday, be the first to try the newest hot cigar from Matt Booth/Room101 named The Farce. This is a Fox Cigar Bar exclusive that you will not want to miss! We will also have his Room101 Gin fully stocked.

Friday, March 2nd at Fox Gilbert join us for the official Matt Booth cigar and gin launch party!

If you don’t already know who Matt Booth is, well you should because he’s pretty awesome. The jewelry designer turned cigar mastermind is behind some of the hottest cigars including Hit & Run and The T.

He is releasing his new cigar very very soon, but before full production is in order he made a limited run of the new blend just for Fox Cigar. More information and pictures will be revealed as they become available. But we do know this, you will want to be here to get first dibs on this exclusive Matt Booth + Fox Cigar blend.

If you’re here for the festivities (5 PM- 2 AM) you will be able to enjoy the Matt Booth special. The Room 101 Gin + Tonic with the new Matt Booth Cigar for just $14.99.

He will be around for signatures, questions, pictures or anything your heart desires (well maybe not anything?)

1464 E. Williams Field Rd

Gilbert, AZ 85295

(480) 917-3117

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