Hennessy Old Fashioned Flight + Macanudo

This Tuesday’s Happy Hour is going to feature Hennessy Old Fashioneds and Macunado cigars! Is there any better way to Tuesday? We don’t think so. Check your email for more information.

Tuesday, April 17th Happy Hour is going to feature a Hennessy Old Fashioned flight and Macunado cigars!

We know.. Old Fashioneds are traditionally made with whiskey but were mixing it up and using brandy (aka Hennessy). In fac,t when you make an old fashioned with brandy it is considered a Wisconsin Old Fashioned!

We will be using three different Hennessy’s ( VS, Black + VSOP ) in our Old Fashioned flight paired with a Macunado cigar. The happy hour will begin at 5 PM and go until 10 PM. See you guys in Scottsdale!

7443 E 6th Ave

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(480) 214-5011

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