Crown Royal Ladies Night

Crown Royal Ladies Night

Fox Cigar Bar Gilbert is happy to announce that we are brining back ladies night! The first one, for what will be an awesome 2017, is this Wednesday night (the 4th).

The event is going to kick off at 6:00 PM at our Gilbert location and will feature the entire Crown Royal lineup. This includes the Vanilla, Apple, Apple, Black, Deluxe, XR and everything in-between!

We will be running a special all evening which includes Crown, Crown XO and Crown XR with a Tatiana of your choice for $14.99 for women or it can be paired with a La Aurora cigar for just $19.99.

Crown Vanilla and Crown Apple will also be on special for just $5 a drink. The Crown Maple is going on a crazy-closeout price of just $2 bucks till it’s gone!!

These phenomenal cigars come from the oldest cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic – and they know their tobacco!

La Aurora & Tatiana Cigars

Tatiana cigars are some of the best-selling flavored cigars in the world. They have the right amount of flavoring and each cigar provides a wonderful taste and aroma.

La Aurora cigars are made for connoisseurs that prefer medium to medium-full body, with an extraordinary blend made out of six tobaccos from five different countries.

Come out to this event and see how these great cigars pair with your favorite Crown Royal!

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