Ciroc Flight + Tatiana Cigars

Enter Paradise!

Another one! Friday, June 28th, we have a 5 little cocktail flight and Tatiana cigar event for you. The little cocktails will be made from flavored Ciroc and the flavors will be,

-Blackberry Ciroc + Sprite
-Watermelon + Lemonade
-Peach Ciroc + Lemonade
-Pineapple Ciroc + Ginger Beer
-Red Berry Ciroc + Red Bull

These amazing little cocktails will go great with a Carribean Chill flavored Tatiana Cigar. These treat like drinks and cigar will be a great way to beat the heat and escape to your paradise.

1464 E Williams Field Rd

Gilbert, 85295

(480) 917-3117

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