Carmel Apple Martini + Tatuaje Monster

It’s almost Halloween and it is time to get into the spirit- once and for all! We will have a delicious Stoli Carmel Apple Martini and Tatuaje Monster. Spooky!

It’s Tuesday, October 24th and it’s almost Halloween and now is time to get in the spirit- once and for all!

That’s why we are going to be featuring a delicious Stoli Caramel Apple Martini paired with the Tatuaje Monster Cigar at Fox Scottsdale.

This martini and cigar will be yours for $19.99! If you want to enjoy the Stoli Caramel Apple Martini by itself it will be $9. We will also have a Stoli Elit Martini for $13. YUM!

It will kickoff at 5 pm and go until 9 pm. See you there!

7443 E. 6th Ave

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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